Accelerate checkout with your clients’ smartphones

KeySelf-Scan is a self-scanning software suite for iPhone, Android or Windows 8 smartphones and designed to replace self-scanning devices in store. Allow your customers to scan the article bar codes by themselves with their own phone's camera. They can then pay for the content of their shopping cart on a dedicated checkout. KeySelfScan significantly reduces shoppers queuing times at the checkout.

  • Equip your clients

    A smartphone app allows your customers to scan themselves the items they add to their shopping basket.

  • Reduce checkout time

    The clients transfer directly their shopping list to a checkout terminal to accelerate payment process.

  • No hardware costs

    Self-scanning devices are replaced by the client' smartphone, without additional charge for the store.

Step 1 :

After downloading your self-scanning app, the client logs-in when he arrives at your store. The application activates automatically, thanks to geolocation, which prevents its use out of your point of sale.

Step 2 :

During his shopping trip, the user scans barcodes items with the phones camera, and adds them to his shopping cart. He can also control in real time the amount of their basket as they shop.

Step 3 :

When completed its purchases, the user goes to a dedicated checkout and transfers the list of all items he has scanned.. This is done by scanning an end of transaction barcode placed on the checkout. He can then pay for purchases in a conventional manner (credit card, cash, etc.).

Step 4 :

Before leaving the store, the solution indicates to a store employee in charge of control if the basket should be re-scanned or not. If necessary, the operator can check the presence of some items in the basket to trigger validation. When done, the client can leave the store.

Our solution consists of 3 main modules that can be deployed independently:

KeySelf-Scan Mobile KeySelf-Scan Server KeySelf-Scan Control

KeySelfScan Mobile is a native iOS, Android or Windows 8 app installed on the customer's smartphone. It is through this application that users will be able to scan the bar code of their products and transfer the basket on the checkout to proceed with the payment.

KeySelfScan Mobile is totally branded to your company.

A dedicated app or an SDK

KeySelf-Scan Mobile is available under 2 formats:

  • A specific application commercialized in white label and customized at your graphics standards. It is the best choice if you don’t have an existing smartphone app or if you want to launch a quick test on some selected stores.
  • A feature integrated to your existing app. In this case, we provide you the SDK and support necessary to easily embed our self-scanning functionality into your app.

An economical alternative to self-scanning devices in store

Self-scanning solutions with physical devices are now praised by users (between 10% and 20% of customers use it in store). However, deployment, management, maintenance and renewal of the equipment weighs heavily on the budgets of retailers. KeySelf-Scan Mobile has been designed to offer an economical alternative to mobile checkout devices and allow smaller retailers to offer this innovation to their customers. As the scanning device is the client smartphone, the implementation of this solution produces no material cost and need no space in stores.

A solution compatible with self-scanning devices

KeySelf-Scan Mobile is available for iOS, Android and Windows 8 phones to cover more than 65% of the worldwide smartphones.

Cross-platforms apps

KeySelf-Scan Mobile is available for iOS, Android and Windows 8 phones to cover more than 65% of the worldwide smartphones.

If you do not have any self-scanning server to connect your mobile apps, Keyneosoft proposes the setup of KeySelf-Scan Server, a modular middleware solution that manages the entire rules and content needed to run your mobile self-scanning solution:

  • Product Catalogue: KeySelf-Scan Server integrates your product catalogue for display on the front-end (ean, name, price)
  • Multi-Store Management: KeySelf-Scan Server manages the assortment and prices of each store of your network
  • Basket transfer on the checkout system after scanning the end of transaction barcode
  • Information flows management (cash-mobile-server)
  • Re-scan Management: the server solution may include a re-scan module to manage the tasks related to clients baskets control (see "KeySelf-Scan Control")

A multi-store management

KeySelf-Scan Server has been designed to work as well for a unique selling point than for a whole network of stores. From a single and centralized product catalogue, KeySelf-Scan Server can manage the specificities of each point of sale: prices, promotions, assortment, end of transactions barcodes, etc.

You can then deploy the solution quickly and progressively on all the stores of your network, while managing all product features centrally.

A solution connected to your systems

KeySelf-Scan Server is totally connected to your existing systems :

  • Product catalogue webservice or feed
  • Prices, promotions, assortment webservice or feed
  • Cashing system

A complete self-scanning solution requires a basket control software powerful and customizable. This solution allows to determine, based on a set of criteria, whether the customer basket should or not be re-controlled by an operator of the store. The KeySelf-Scan Control module manages all rules and interfaces for testing customer’s basket. This module manages the 3 possible cases:

  • No control: You can leave the store with items directly after payment.
  • Partial control: the server determines random items that the operator must find and scan in the customer basket.
  • Total Control: The entire customer basket is re-scanned by the operator.

KeySelf-Scan Control consists of a server module for capturing re-scan rules as well as an interface for the re-scan operator device.

A complete and customizable re-scan engine (server)

KeySelf-Scan Control is a powerful and configurable re-scan module. It allows you to tune basket control rules that will determine the type of re-scan applied and which products should be checked. These rules allow tune the control criteria by :

  • Forced control / no-control
  • Customer Scoring: depends on the attendance of the store, the results of previous tests or the frequency of use.
  • Purchase day / day of the week: a specific weighting can be assigned to each day of the week.
  • Store: specific rules can be assigned to each point of sale.

A multi-devices interface

KeySelf-Scan Control module also includes an interface for the device owned by the store re-scan operator. This interface has been designed to operate in a Windows environment and can be deployed on multiple devices: Rugged PDA, portable mobile terminal, PC with scanner, Windows Phone smartphone, etc.

Auchan - Rapid' Auchan
Rapid Auchan

About the project

Client : Auchan

Year :2012

Country : France

Downloads :iPhone - Android

To supplement their device-based self-scanning solution already available in stores, Auchan used KeySelf-Scan to release Rapid'Auchan, their mobile self-scanning app. Thanks to this app, the clients can scan the items of their carts with their phones' camera.

This service allows clients to save time during checkout process even if the store has no self-scanning device available.

To release this service, Auchan used our module KeySelf-Scan Mobile, 2 specific apps, connected to their device-based self-scanning server. An easy solution that allowed them to offer the service on mobile in a few months while capitalizing on their existing system.

Carrefour Market - Scan Phone market
Rapid Auchan

About the project

Client : Carrefour Market


Country : France

Downloads :iPhone - Android

To offer their clients a self-scanning service with almost no hardware investment, Carrefour Market deployed our KeySelf-Scan software. Clients in store can now speed up checkout process thanks to the app Scan’Phone Market on iPhone and Android.

This solution grant an access to self-scanning service for stores whose size do not allow them to have self-scanning devices wall on the point of sales.

To release this project quickly and easily, Carrefour Market used the complete KeySelf-Scan software suite : KeySelf-Scan Mobile, Server and Control. Thanks to this complete and fitted solution, the retailer has deployed this service in less than 2 months.

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